Paul Eyheramouno

Game UX Designer & Game User Researcher student



I am an aspiring Game User Experience Designer. From web communication to game ergonomics, I have learned to create engaging experiences by studying the users. I enjoy solving usability bugs and designing coherent worlds. I am currently studying at CNAM-ENJMIN (Public video game master's degree).

My core values: Team Work, User is the key, Details Make The Difference.


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The Crew 2

Ubisoft Ivory Tower - June to August 2019

I had the chance to work for 3 months as a User Researcher Intern at Ubisoft Ivory Tower. I have mainly work on The Crew 2 and an unannounced project.

During my time at Ivory Tower, my tasks were to:

- Work on the playtest methodologies and logistics.
- Welcome the players and set up the necessary tools.
- Collect quantitative, qualitative and biometric datas.
- Analyze results and redact playtest reports to help the production team to enhance their design.
- Create heuristics studies.

Download my resume for more of my experiences


Cobble and trouble

Cobble and Trouble

UI designer, UX Designer and User Researcher

This project is a fps action tower defense vertical slice done in 4 month within the CNAM-ENJMIN. The demo shows the core mechanics of the game in an arena-type level.

Odd Waters

Odd Waters

UX Designer and User Researcher

Odd Waters is a puzzle game. In this game, you must find your lost friend in a mysterious sea. This project was made in two and a half months with students from the CNAM-ENJMIN.

Midnight Waves

Midnight Waves

UX Designer and Game Designer

Midnight waves is an interactive music video app for android. This project was made in two and a half months with students from the CNAM-ENJMIN.



UX Designer

Erosion is a stylistic Shoot'em'up where your ammunition is also your life counter. This project was made in one month with students from the CNAM-ENJMIN.

Read one of my UX student story

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