Photo vecteur


Photo vecteur

Welcome on my Portfolio, I am Paul Eyheramouno. I am 20 and I study web communication, design and programming in Chambéry University. I am passionate about TV series, web and video games. On this website you will discover all my skills and creations. Most of my work turn around game-design, web-design, graphics design and audiovisual. I have also radio and WebTV experiences.

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CommunicationProgrammingGraphic design and audiovisual
Community management 90%HTML 90%Illustrator 80%
Benchmarking 85%CSS 80%Photoshop 65%
Wireframe 90%JavaScript 70%InDesign 55%
English Language Certificate CLES 2PHP 50%Sony Vegas Pro 70%
WordPress CMS 60%After Effect 30%
Processing / P5.js 85%Final Cut 60%


All Graphics design Video and photographiesGameDesign Other

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