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I am a game ergonomics and UX master graduate. During my studies, my projects and my many internships, I have acquired versatile skills. From analysis to design, I create coherent and engaging experiences. I enjoy solving usability bugs and learning new skills.


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Ubisoft Paris - March 2021 to Present

I am currently working as a UX designer at Ubisoft Paris on Just Dance.


Rebound CG - April to August 2020

I worked as a UX designer and Integrator intern at Rebound CG. I worked on Tennis Manager 2021 (PC).
I notably did:
- Build some of the UI screens
- Give feedbacks on the others UI screens
- Create interactive prototypes of the game interface on adobe XD
- Participate in all UX related discussions
- Integrate UI screens into the game on Unity using WPF/Noesis

The Crew 2

Ubisoft Ivory Tower - June to August 2019

I had the chance to work for 3 months as a User Researcher intern at Ubisoft Ivory Tower. I have mainly work on The Crew 2 and an unannounced project.
During my time at Ivory Tower, my main tasks were to:
- Work on the playtest methodologies and logistics.
- Welcome the players and set up the necessary tools.
- Collect quantitative, qualitative and biometric datas.
- Analyze results and redact playtest reports to help the production team to enhance their design.
- Create heuristics studies.

Download my resume for more of my experiences


Extinction new design


UI designer, UI artist, UX Designer and Game designer

For this project I was in charge to create the new design and rebrand of a game platform switching from the Flash to the HTML5 technology. Fixing usability issues and improving the aesthetic of the platform.

Cobble and Trouble

Cobble and Trouble

UI designer, UX Designer and User Researcher

FPS action tower defense vertical slice done in 4 month within the CNAM-ENJMIN.

Odd Waters

Odd Waters

UX Designer, Game designer and User Researcher

Odd Waters is a puzzle game. In this game, you must find your lost friend in a mysterious sea. This project was made in two and a half months with students from the CNAM-ENJMIN.

Midnight Waves

Midnight Waves

UX Designer and Game Designer

Midnight waves is an interactive music video app for android. This project was made in two and a half months with students from the CNAM-ENJMIN.



UX Designer

Erosion is a stylistic Shoot'em'up where your ammunition is also your life counter. This project was made in one month with students from the CNAM-ENJMIN.


Game jams & small projects

UX designer, Game Designer, 2D Artist, Programmer...

Over the years I have made many board and video games. You can find some of my smaller projects on my itch.

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